The University of Aveiro (UA) is a public foundation under private law whose mission is to contribute to and develop graduate and postgraduate education and training, research, and cooperation with society.

Founded in 1973, it has a student population of approximately 12,500, distributed among 58 graduates, 40 Masters of Science, and 25 Ph.D. programs, distributed by departments and autonomous sections, with specialized faculties.

The UA’s mission is to create, share and apply knowledge, involving the whole community through teaching, research and cooperation with the surrounding environment, in order to make a clear difference for individuals and society.

UA is organized based on a matrix structure, integrating both the university and polytechnic institutions, and involves permanent interaction between units, services, and other structures. Interdisciplinarity and flexibility are the principal features as well as organization and management by activities and objectives, plus an open-door approach with society and close links to the surrounding business environment.

how to get to UNIVERSITY oF AVEIRO (ua)

Located right in the center of Portugal, Aveiro is a city that is easy to get to, both by air and by road. Famous for its unique lagoon and canals, Aveiro is served by high-speed trains and is situated at the intersection of several highways, making it easy for you to reach the main airports of the country.

University of Aveiro is located on the west coast of the city of Aveiro, Portugal, near the A25, EN109 and next to Hospital Infante D. Pedro.

The closest airport is Francisco Sá Carneiro international airport in Porto, located some 80 km to the north of Aveiro.

Portela international airport in Lisbon is located 250 km to the south of Aveiro.

The train is the most practical means of making the journey to Aveiro.

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